About itsabakingthing.com

About us
The passionate bakers at itsabakingthing.com have mixed together 50 years of industry experience with a deep love for home baking from its parent company, BAKO South Eastern Ltd.
The result? Hundreds of baking products that have been perfectly measured out to suit the needs of expert home bakers.

A little more about BAKO South Eastern
Itsabakingthing.com is based in Wimbledon, at BAKO South Eastern. BAKO South Eastern was launched over 50 years ago as a regional buying co-operative. Today customers enjoy the combined purchasing power, logistics and resources of one of the largest national distributors to the food industry. BAKO South Eastern offers the food industry an outstanding combination of competitive prices, plus exceptional customer service.

Why we cooked up itsabakingthing.com
Itsabakingthing.com was born because we wanted to offer home bakers the experience, resources and customer service that our BAKO South Eastern trade customers receive. Our community eats, breathes and dreams baking. It doesn’t matter what kind of baker you are or what level you’re at, itsabakingthing.com is here to help you achieve bakes you can be proud of, and to push you to reach your goals. From ingredients and recipes, to hints and tips from your fellow baking buffs, it’s about being the home baker you want to be.

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We salute all the home bakers out there for your passion and persistence.
itsabakingthing.com understands what makes you happy.

Not the butcher or candlestick maker.

You are the artists of the kitchen. Eggs and flour, your tools.
You are the magicians of cooking. The wooden spoon, your wand.
You are admired for your skill, your expertise, your flare. You make the difficult, easy. The impossible, yesterday’s bake.

You’re not in this for the glory. This isn’t a seasonal thing for you.
You do it for the love. The joy. The immersion.
You do it for the challenge. The difficulty. The precision.
You are careful, not cavalier. You practice, it isn’t luck.

Your happy is flour down your front, and dough in your fingernails.
Your happy is the sound of the mixer, and the smell from the oven.
You are the artists of the kitchen. Eggs and flour, your tools.
You are the magicians of cooking. The wooden spoon, your wand.
We know that baking isn’t something you do, it is something you are.
Improving the world of home baking isn’t something we do either,
it is who we are.

We do it for the love of baking and it’s a feeling we share.
It’s a baking thing.

If you would like to get in touch with the Itsabakingthing.com team please visit our Contact Us page or alternatively call us on 0208 4170 544.