Bakels Tiger Bread Paste 12kg

Bakels Tiger Bread Paste 12kg

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An unusual alternative decorative finish for bread resembling the appearance of a tiger’s coat. Also provides a crunchy bite and flavoured crust. Requires the addition of yeast and water.

Please see the below suggested recipe for the best results!

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  • Suggested Recipes

    Tiger Bread 


    Ingredient         KG

    Tiger Paste Mix 1.000

    Water (Warm) 0.880

    Yeast             0.035

    Total Weight    1.915


    1. Place Tiger Paste Mix in to a bowl.

    2. Place the Yeast onto the mix.

    3. Add the warm water.

    4. Using a small hand whisk – mix together.

    5. Allow to stand and ferment for approximately 30 minutes.

    6. Remove the ¾ proved dough pieces from the prover.

    7. Apply the Tiger Paste to the product.

    8. Bake using steam.

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