Baking Fats & Cake Margarines

A staple for many cakes and pastries, baking fats and baking margarines are often essential ingredients so it’s always worth stocking up. To achieve a high-quality finish on your cakes and cupcakes, try using our BAKO Cake Margarine, CSM Marvello Cake Margarine or the CSM Marvello Clean Label Cake Margarine.

Some recipes call for shortening, which is a blend of vegetable oil. We stock BAKO Shortening and CSM Silvercloud Shortening and both have outstanding creaming properties. Finally, if you’re looking to rustle up perfect pastry from scratch, we stock BAKO Pastry Margarine, a blend of vegetable oils, emulsifiers and colours that produces impeccable puff and shortcrust pastries. 

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