Baking Pastry

When whipping up large quantities of delicate pastries and patisserie style tarts, you can ensure you achieve a professional finish on every bake by using one of our ready-made pastry cases or our choux pastry mix. For perfect profiteroles, try our Dawn Mini Profiterole Choux which are ready to be filled with cream and topped with chocolate, or for faultless éclairs, use our Macphie Choutex Mix which just requires the addition of water.

If you’re looking to make a batch of tarts or dainty tartlets, our range of sweet and savoury pastry cases are a great time saver. The Dawn Crystal Pastry Sweet Shell, Dawn Straight French Tart, Dawn Mini Fluted Sweet Tartlet and Dawn French Tartlet all make great bases for hearty fillings, and if you’re looking to impress, our Dawn Pruve Cream Horns are delicious with any fruity or creamy fillings! 

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