Baking Sugar & Syrup

A staple for all cakes, baking sugar is a must for any sweet treat. To ensure you never run short of the essentials, we supply Tate and Lyle Caster Sugar, Tate and Lyle Dark Brown Sugar and Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you want to make your bakes even more indulgent however, try adding Bakels Banoffee Sauce, CSM Toffee Sauce or Lyle’s Black Treacle and Lyle’s Golden Syrup which are perfect if you’re making traditional warm puddings.

Our irresistible Dawn Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce is a great topping for a whole range of desserts, as is Lyle’s Maple Flavour Syrup, Lyle’s Butterscotch Squeezy sauce and Lyle’s Chocolate Squeezy.

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