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All bakers need tools that’ll stand the test of time, whether it’s your handy oven thermometer or trusty palette knife. Here at It’s a Baking Thing, we stock all your essential bakeware and equipment, as well as a few fun extras! If you’re looking to give baking cake pops a go, the Tala Silicone Cake Pop Mould & Sticks and Tala 50 Cake Pop Sticks are great additions to your baking cupboard that you can use time and time again.

The Tala Kitchen Shaker and Tala 1960s Sugar Shaker are perfect for leaving a delicate finish to cakes and pastries, and are commonly used for dusting icing sugar and chocolate powder. The Tala Oven Thermometer, Chef Aid Digital Timer and Tala Syringe Cake Tester are all essential for making sure your cakes, breads and pastries are baked to perfection, and the Tala Pie Bird prevents your pies from boiling over.

Our other handy baking tools include the Tala Non-Stick Cake Cooling Rack, Tala Silicone Headed Spatulas and the Tala Cake Lifter, as well as the Tala Ceramic Pie Beads, Tala Sieve and both the Tala 150mm Palette Knife and Tala Flexible Palette Knife. 

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