Piping Bags

An essential part of any cake decorator’s tool kit, piping bags are easily one of the most commonly used cake decorating tools by expert home bakers. If you prefer to simply dispose of your piping bags after use, we stock two 100 pack Blue Disposable Icing Bags in both 18 and 21 inches.

For more sturdy and environmentally friendly alternatives, we stock five reusable piping bags which are perfect for piping everything from frosting to choux pastry. Our reusable piping bags come in a range of sizes, including the Tala 20cm Icing Bag, Tala 35cm Reinforced Icing Bag, Tala 45cm Reinforced Icing Bag, 18-inch Cotton Icing Piping Bag and 24-inch Cotton Icing Piping Bag. 

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