Sugar Craft Cutters

Having a few handy cutters in your baking cupboard is essential for any experienced baker, saving you time on your cake decorations and making your sugar paste designs far more precise. There are a number of flower cutters available which can be used to beautifully decorate a range of cakes, including the Rose Calyx Cutter and 5 Petal Rose Cutter, as well as the Blossom Cutters Set, Carnation Cutters Set, Rose Petal Cutters Set and Daisy Collection Cutter.

Aside from flowers, we also stock a range of other fun cutters to give your cake decorations the wow factor. Our range of Alphabet & Numbers Cutter Sets and Funky Shaped Alphabet & Numbers Cutter Sets are all great for occasion cakes and cupcakes and our Mini Heart Cutter Set, Baby Feet Cutter Set and Stone Wall Mats can achieve some really simple, yet effective icing designs.

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