Cake & Bread Mixes

Cake and bread mixes are great time savers. Bakels Artisan Bread Complete bread mix creates a high-quality crusty loaf and Bakels Tiger Bread Paste will give your loaf’s crust a decorative finish.

To whip up incredible sweet loafs, try Bakels Baktem Blue Concentrate - you can also add fruit for hot cross buns and use Bakels Crossing Mix will help you apply the cross.

There are gluten free bread mixes on offer, including Bakels Gluten Free Artisan Bread Mix, Bakels Gluten Free Multi Seed Bread Mix and Bakels Gluten Free White Bread Mix.

We stock a variety of pre-made cake mixes, including Bakels Chocolate Sponge Mix, Bakels Multi-Mix Cake Mix, BAKO Carrot Cake Mix and BAKO Celebration Cake Mix. For smaller tasty treats, there’s BAKO Brownie Mix, Bakels No Bake Chocolate Slice Mix, Bakels Pettina Koko Cake Mix and Bakels Digestive Biscuit Crumb.

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