Callebaut White Couverture chocolate 1kg

Callebaut White Couverture chocolate 1kg

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Callebaut milk coverture chocolate is perfect for tempering, dipping, coating, moulding and garnishing. Not only can they be used to cover or dip biscuits, but you can also cover delicious treats such as marshmallows and strawberries! Tempering chocolate is recommended when you are covering cakes or treats where a shine is required. Always remember to keep stirring consistent when tempering or melting the callets. Once melted, you could even create yummy chocolate decorations by moulding such as chocolate spoons, perfect to stir a luxury Christmas peppermint hot chocolate!

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  • Ingredients

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    Triple Chocolate Brownie


    For the Brownie

    185 g butter 
    185 g
     dark chocolate Callebaut 811NV

    3 large eggs 
    275 g light brown caster sugar

    85 g plain flour 
    40 g cocoa powder

    50 g white chocolate Callebaut W2NV 
    50 g 
    milk chocolate Callebaut 823NV

    For the Chocolate Mousse

    200 g Cream

    575 g milk chocolate Callebaut 823NV

    375 g Whipped cream


    For the Chocolate Millefeuille strips 

    Milk chocolate Callebaut Select 823NV




    • Melt the butter and 811NV chocolate together and allow to cool

    • Whisk together the eggs and sugar in a mixer to a sabayon. Fold in the cooled chocolate mixture.

    • Sieve flour and cocoa powder together-3 times. Fold in sieved flours.

    • Fold in white and milk chocolate callets. 

    • Prepare a 20 cm cake tin-line the bottom with a square of waxed paper. Pour into prepared tin and bake at 160°C for 25 mins. Cool in the tin- cut into desired shape


    • Bring the cream to the boil and then leave to cool to 80°C.

    • Pour over the chocolate callets and mix well.

    • Allow to cool to 35°C and fold through the whipped cream

    Chocolate Millefeuille strips

    • Place a plastic acetate sheet onto a board. Place a small amount of tempered chocolate on one end of the sheet. Lay another plastic sheet on top.

    • Using a rolling pin smooth the chocolate between the two sheets of plastic. Press on top of the plastic with either a cutter or a set of pastry wheels to mark out the shape you require. Allow the chocolate to set. When ready to use remove the plastic and use as required.


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