Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake boxes are great for displaying cupcakes and give your cupcakes a professional finish. We stock a range of cupcake boxes in a variety of colours, sizes and materials, so you can choose a cupcake box that best suits your needs. The vibrant Red Cupcake Box with four inserts is great for special occasions, however if you’d prefer a more classic setting for your cakes, we also stock White Cupcake Boxes with both four and six inserts.

If your cupcake boxes need to be a little sturdier, there are some great plastic alternatives. The Double Clear Plastic Cupcake Clam and the Clear Plastic Cupcake Box with four inserts both offer practical solutions for protecting your cakes. Finally, if you’re just presenting one cake, the Single Muffin Clams provide great protection for single muffins or cupcakes.

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