5 Spring No-Bake Ideas You Need To Try!

As the weather heats up and it’s too hot to turn on your ovens, why not give these spring inspired no-bake recipes a try? They are a fantastic way to get the kids involved in the kitchen to create something sweet, or for when you want something sweet in a hurry. 

Mousse Cake


As the weather gets warmer, this dessert is perfect for kicking back in the garden and enjoying something light and creamy. To create the perfect mousse cake simply choose your biscuit base and smash them up into little crumbs, or just use a biscuit crumb where all the hard work has already been done for you. Why not also try out this chocolate mousse powder for helping hand to create mouth-watering mousse. Alternately, you could also create your own mousse and add a touch of flavouring in to create a fruity or tart mousse. Top off with fresh fruit and berries and you’ve got yourself a new spring hit!

Marshmallow Rocky Road

For a super indulgent snack, why not create a rocky road? This speedy no-bake recipe can be prepared in under 20 minutes making it perfect for a quick chocolate fix. With mini marshmallows, biscuits, nuts, and chocolate, there are multiple variations of this classic sweet treat. Ideal to offer at children’s (or grown up) parties. 

Mini Chocolate Tarts


Everyone loves chocolate, don’t they? Wow your friends and family with these indulgent Chocolate Tarts that couldn’t be easier to make! We recommend using pre-cooked tart shells for a hassle free base without the soggy bottoms (and to stick to the no-bake theme!). Melt down your chocolate to create a ganache filling and fill your base then allow your tarts to set, if you can wait! For that extra touch of luxury why not finish with a few edible decorations or even glitter. These mini tarts make a perfect post dinner treat or afternoon tea sweet. 

Chocolate Truffles

What’s the first thing that pops into your head after the word luxurious? For us it’s chocolate truffles! With many different variations including champagne, coffee, orange or even avocado (who’d of thought it?!) the only limitation is yourself! When making your own chocolate truffles, we recommend tempering your chocolate so to give it a beautiful shine.  However, if you’re not so good at tempering chocolate that’s not in issue – just dust your truffles with cocoa powder, or even sprinkle with nuts, or edible decorations for a just as beautiful finish!

Spring Cheesecake


One of our favourite desserts is the humble cheesecake for its light and creamy texture. They are also incredibly easy to create. This spring, we love the refreshing flavours of raspberry, lemon & orange cheesecakes. It’s the perfect combination for those warmer evenings. For an extra pop of colour to put a real spring in your step, why not add in some pink food colouring to your cheesecake mixture before popping it onto your base?

We’d love to see your spring no-bakes; send us a scrumptious snap over on Twitter!