#BakingChat with Jane aka @janespatisserie at Jane’s Patisserie 20-10-15

Every few weeks, we love to have a good old natter with an expert home baker from our online community. We chat about all things baking and discover how they got to where they are today.

This week’s baker featuring in our #BakingChat is Jane, of blog Jane’s Patisserie.

Tell us a bit about when you realised your love for baking?

I have always been a bit of baker from when I was tiny, but I never really stuck at it. It took me until college to realise that I didn’t want to go to university, I didn’t really have an area that I wanted to work in other than food.

I made the decision to go to cookery school to study Culinary Arts and although it was amazing it didn’t really cover baking much. When I graduated I realised that baking is where my heart truly lies and with the confidence from studying food I decided to bake on a regular basis – and that’s when Jane’s Patisserie was born!

This was also when I realised that baking and food photography came hand in hand for me. I have always loved photography and even though I am still a novice, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to increase my skills, and develop my abilities! Who knew food can be so hard to photograph? 

When would you say you became an expert home baker?

Even though I studied food for six months in Devon, I still had many failures when I started baking regularly. I was so used to cooking meats and fish that then trying to bake the perfect cake was a bit of a shock!

When I was younger I had always loved decorating cakes, but I would say that when my first recipe became a big hit spreading across social media I realised to myself that I was probably a bit better than I thought. This then gave me even more confidence to continue! I love to bake five or six times a week now, producing new recipes every week and such - I like to think that qualifies me as an expert, but who knows!!

Do you have any top tips or techniques to share with our baking community?

My main top tip would be to invest in and use digital scales. They are an absolute life saver when it comes to using recipes from all across the world as you can so easily convert them all. I use my digital scales when baking EVERYTHING - including all of my cookie recipes. I’ll weigh out an entire batch, scoop them into individual cookies (using an ice-cream scoop - another top tip!!) and then I will freeze them all on a tray. Once frozen I transfer them into a zipped bag, and bake cookies if and when I want one! There is always a fresh cookie 15 minutes away in my house!

When photographing food, I would ALWAYS say to use natural lighting. The colours of the natural light compliment food SO much better! I have a mini set up of some floral and patterned fabrics, many different plates, and a lovely large conservatory to take my pictures in. Try jazzing up your photos with different things, have stuff in the background and foreground and just have fun with it - your photos will be so much better then!  

What would you say is your signature bake?

My signature recipe is my no-bake caramel Rolo cheesecake. It is ALWAYS a massive hit on my social media pages!

I love no-bake cheesecakes, they’re my favourite dessert because they’re all so creamy and delicious, however this Rolo one is definitely my favourite. I made it on such a whim when I was bored one day, and I wanted something caramelly…I had no clue that everyone else would like it! Not only does it taste yummy (in my opinion!) but it always looks impressive at the dinner table. 

You can find @janespatisserie  no-bake caramel Rolo cheesecake recipe here.

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