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Roll out in style with Embossed Rolling Pins

The humble rolling pin has received a makeover and it’s all thanks to these embossed rolling pins! Embossed rolling pins have been designed with a pattern on their surface allowing you to create interesting and unique bakes with dimension in no time. Use to add texture to biscuits, sugarpaste or marzipan, celebration cakes and even cupcake toppers. 

How to use

  1. Firstly roll out your sugarpaste, or dough, using a non-stick rolling pin
  2. Once rolled out, simply roll over using your embossed rolling pin to print the design.  
  3. When you're happy with your pattern, cut out using your favourite baking cutters.

Embossed Sugarpaste Toppers

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A simple and effective way to add a chic touch to your cupcakes is by adding textured sugarpaste toppers. For a feminine design, perfect for celebrating any little, or big, girl’s birthday, why not re-create these pink and white flower topped cupcakes?

Patterned Cookies

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Embossed biscuits are just oozing with fun. They are a simple yet effective way to turn a plain cookie into a real showstopper – and they are a great activity to get the kids involved with too. With lots of designs to choose from, they can make a thoughtful and personalised gift for a loved one. 

Wedding Cupcakes

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If you are looking for a quirky way to add to your special day, give these Mr & Mrs style wedding cupcakes a go. Using the embossed rolling pin with white ready to roll icing to create texture to the bride's dress is a simple and effective way of adding detail, sure to grab people's attention. For that extra wow-factor, you can also match it to the design of the bride's dress!

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