• How to pipe awesome ruffle cupcakes 18-08-16

    Frosting is a wonderful technique that combines taste and style to create a truly memorable dessert. We show you how to pipe the quintessential ruffle with this nifty how to guide.

  • How to pipe elegant scallop frosting 18-08-16

    Scalloped frosting is a sophisticated method of piping because of the attention to detail, and we show you how to create it with our guide.

  • How to pipe leaves on a cupcake 12-08-16

    Cupcakes are a timeless recipe that can be decorated in a number of ways, whether you’d like to style them with roses or sun flowers. Why not add the finishing touches by piping leaves?

  • How to pipe pretty stacked hydrangea cupcakes 12-08-16

    Stacked hydrangeas are a beautiful design for the spring and summer months, so it’s well worth putting the time in to master this fun frosting technique!

  • How to quickly pipe a classic frill cupcake 12-08-16

    Anyone who likes traditional designs will enjoy styling their cupcakes with a frill. Here’s how to pipe a quintessential frill cupcake with this handy guide!

  • How to pipe terrific two-tone stripe frosting 12-08-16

    What’s not to like about cupcakes? They’re easy to bake and can be enjoyed over a relaxed chat with your friends. Taking them out of the oven provides a sense of accomplishment and they can be decorated in a number of ways.

  • How to pipe rapturous rose petal frosting 12-08-16

    Rose petals are a classic design that never goes out of style, and we’ll show you how to make it with our useful guide.

  • How to swirl scrumptious frosting 10-08-16

    Adding frosting could be what you need for the finishing touch on your cupcakes. But swirling the frosting can be tricky, so here’s our guide on how to make sure you do it with style and panache!

  • Bigger is better when you pipe a big top cupcake 8-08-16

    A simple yet classy technique is creating a big top for your cupcakes. We show you how to get the perfect swirl with our handy guide.

  • How to pipe a spectacular round tip swirl cupcake 8-08-16

    There are various frosting techniques that will allow you to flex your creative muscles, whether you fancy making swirls or flowers. A tasty example is a round tip swirl and we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you have your cake and eat it too!

  • How to pipe beautiful hydrangea cupcakes 8-08-16

    Hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful flowers with their white and blue petals and now you can learn how to frost them with our helpful guide.

  • How to pipe delectable drop bead cupcakes 8-08-16

    Decorating the cupcake with frosting will make it even more flavourful, and there are various designs to choose from. A quirky design is drop bead piping and we show you how to make it with our easy to follow guide!

  • How to pipe delightful royal swirl cupcakes 8-08-16

    Frosting is a timeless technique that champions self-expression. With this practical guide we show you how to make royal swirl frosting.

  • How to pipe the perfect grass cupcake 27-07-16

    For a simple approach, grass piping is both fun and effective. Use our handy guide to master how to pipe the perfect grass cupcake.

  • How to pipe an astonishing two-tone rose cupcake 26-07-16

    The fun thing about baking is it gives you the opportunity to be as imaginative as you like. A classic technique is rose frosting, but with our guide we’ll show you how to pipe a flower with two different colours!

  • How to pipe a classic rose garden 26-07-16

    What happens when you combine a love of cupcakes with a passion for decorating? You get a recipe for success of course! Frosting cupcakes is a wonderful way of being creative and we show you how to pipe a classic rose garden.

  • How to pipe intricate rope style frosting 26-07-16

    How do you want to decorate your cupcakes? There are a number of ideas, but one of our favourites is roping, simply because of how elegant it looks.

  • How to pipe amazing sunflower cupcakes 26-07-16

    Frosting is a great way of indulging your sweet tooth and decorating a tasty treat to your heart’s content, but perhaps you’re feeling a little more adventurous this summer and want to try new techniques?

  • How to pipe melt-in-the-mouth cloud peak frosting 26-07-16

    We’ll show you how to get started with this useful guide on how to pipe fluffy cloud peaks. By the time you’re finished, the cupcakes will look heavenly.

  • How to pipe perfect roses 26-07-16

    Rose frosting is an elegant way to present your cupcakes and here is our guide on how to do it.

  • How to make an incredible 3D gravity defying cake this summer 8-07-16

    Want to bake a showstopper of a cake this summer? Why not try your baking skills at an incredible 3D gravity-defying cake, covered in your favourite sweets and suspended in mid air! Here's our simple recipe.

  • How to make sensational mini Fraisier cakes for Wimbledon 23-06-16

    Stuck for Wimbledon baking ideas? Why not put your baking skills to the test this year and try making these sensational mini Fraisier cakes? Sure to impress - these strawberry and cream based cakes are the ultimate ode to the iconic tennis tournament!

  • How to make spectacular spun sugar 10-05-16

    Want to add a little finesse to your bakes? Here’s how to impress by whipping up your own spectacular spun sugar.

  • How to make marshmallow fondant 29-04-16

    Fancy whipping up your own fondant icing for a change? Here’s our quick recipe for delicious marshmallow fondant.

  • Baking Hacks: How to make cookie bowls 14-03-16

    If you’re getting bored of eating dessert out of a boring, normal bowl, why not try our baking hack for homemade, edible cookie bowls?

  • Lemonade Scones Recipe 14-03-16

    It’s British Science Week, so in the spirit of the occasion we thought we’d get a little inventive with our recipes!

  • Chocolate Stout Cake Recipe 11-03-16

    Try something a little bit different with this amazing chocolate stout cake recipe.

  • Recipe Flashback: Delectable Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes with Cakehounds 1-03-16

    With March finally here, it’s time to swap our winter pies for a fruit laden meringues and crack on with a few more refreshing seasonal bakes. In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’ve rummaged through our recipe archives and dug out a few of our favourite spring sweet treats which we could help but share with you one more time.

  • Recipe Flashback: Stacked Orange & Ginger Biscuits 1-03-16

    With spring just around the corner, we’re trading in our winter pies and fruit crumbles for a few lighter sweet treats! We loved this recipe so much the first time, we could help but share it with you again.

  • How to temper chocolate 19-02-16

    If you have dreams of being a master chocolatier, follow these simple steps to learn how to temper chocolate.

  • Mother’s Day Masterclass: How to make your mum marvellous Mother’s Day cupcakes 16-02-16

    Since nothing goes down better than a homemade gift on Mother's Day, we've put together a quick video tutorial so you can whip up your very own marvellous Mother's Day cupcakes!

  • How to make simple vanilla macarons 15-02-16

    Go nuts for #NationalAlmondDay with this simple step-by-step recipe to create delicious vanilla macarons.

  • Black Forest Flavour Rose Cake Pops recipe 5-02-16

    Snap up the essential ingredients for the perfect cake pops in our Valentine’s Rose Cake Pop Bundle for only £12! A great substitute for simple red roses, this edible alternative is sure to go down a treat.

  • Make your own Nutella for #WorldNutellaDay 5-02-16

    For those of you who are crazy about the sweet stuff, have you tried creating your own? It couldn’t be simpler!

  • How to make an indulgent Valentine’s cupcake bouquet 3-02-16

    Looking to cook up some romance in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day? If, like us, the way to your other half’s heart is through their stomach, whipping up some sweet treats on the most romantic day of the year is sure to earn you a few brownie points.

  • Salted Toffee Sauce Recipe 7-01-16

    It’s National English Toffee Day tomorrow, and to pay homage to one of our favourite sugary, sweet treats, we’re running through how to whip up a salted toffee sauce.

  • How to make fun Christmas tree cake pops 10-12-15

    For our final festive recipe, we’re going to run through how to rustle up fun Christmas tree cake pops! If you’d like to see the rest of our 12 Bakes of Christmas, you can watch the video in full for a whole bundle of festive baking inspiration.

  • How to make a Christmas wreath biscuit 10-12-15

    For our next festive baking recipe, we’re sharing how to make our Christmas wreath biscuit! For more seasonal baking inspiration, check out our 12 Bakes of Christmas video.

  • How to make an iced snowflake biscuit 9-12-15

    For our next festive baking tutorial, we’re running through how to rustle up an iced snowflake biscuit! If you’d like to see the rest of our seasonal bakes, have a watch of our 12 Bakes of Christmas video.

  • How to make a quick Christmas pudding cupcake 8-12-15

    Short of time but still want to rustle up a few festive sweet treats? Why not have a go at our quick Christmas pudding cupcake and impress with your speedy seasonal bakes.

  • How to make a frosted Christmas tree cupcake 7-12-15

    Rustle up your own Christmas tree cupcakes by following our easy step-by-step recipe. For more festive baking inspiration, check out our 12 Bakes of Christmas video!

  • How to make a festive snowman cake pop 7-12-15

    Fancy whipping up our cute snowman cake pop this Christmas? These sweet treats make great gifts, so follow our easy recipe to recreate this fun bake at home!

  • How to make a Christmas wreath cupcake 4-12-15

    A simple yet effective festive bake, this Christmas wreath cupcake is sure to dazzle party guests this season. Follow our easy recipe to recreate this fun cupcake at home!

  • How to make a Frosty the Snowman cupcake 4-12-15

    Use our step-by-step recipe to recreate our festive snowman cupcake from our 12 Bakes of Christmas video!

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    One of our simplest festive bakes, our sprinkled snowball cake pop is a great recipe to make with the kids! Check out our easy method for making these fun sweet treats.

  • How to make a festive present biscuit 3-12-15

    Learn how to perfect the pipe and flood cookie decorating technique by recreating our festive present biscuit! Use our step-by-step method with a few handy top tips to get your Christmas biscuits down to a tee.

  • How to make the perfect Christmas tree biscuit 2-12-15

    Fancy recreating our Christmas tree biscuit? Here's our recipe and decorating instructions so you can easily whip up this sweet treat at home!

  • How to make Christmas pudding cake pops 1-12-15

    Want to know how to recreate our Christmas pudding cake pop from our 12 Bakes of Christmas video? Check out our quick recipe so you can easily crack on with your festive bakes and find out today's exclusive Christmas offer!

  • The ultimate tiger bread recipe to impress 23-11-15

    Want to make sure your tiger bread is a roaring success? Follow our easy recipe for a delicious crusty loaf that is perfect for winter.

  • Create your own chocolate shards 19-11-15

    If fondant decoration really isn’t your thing and you're looking for a new way to make your cakes stand out, then we think Becks Bakes has definitely found the answer - chocolate shards.

  • Indulgent Winter Warmer Recipes 4-11-15

    If you're looking to celebrate Bonfire Night with a few extra sweet treats, here are our selection of indulgent winter warmer recipes that are sure to steal the show.

  • The perfect no-bake Rocky Road recipe 2-11-15

    Rocky Road is the perfect indulgent snack and requires minimal effort to make! One of the great things about them is how diverse they are; how about adding some surprise ingredients and seeing if your guests can guess what they are?

  • Trick the Treaters with our easy but effective Haunted Graveyard cupcakes 27-10-15

    Have a bit more fun this Halloween and use our handy infographic to recreate our creepy Haunted Graveyard cupcakes!

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    Not sure how we created our gruesome Zombie Brain cupcakes? Use our infographic to help you create these creepy cupcakes at home!

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    If you're looking to create your own perfect Pumpkin Patch cupcakes this Halloween, use our handy infographic to whip them up in no time!

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    Use our step-by-step infographic to create your very own Ghouly Ghost cupcakes this Halloween!

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    Find out exactly how to make our Awakened Mummy Halloween cupcakes with our step-by-step infographic!

  • How to make cake pops without the mould 7-10-15

    Cake pops are the newest craze to hit our kitchens and in this post we’ll run through how to produce these small-but-perfectly-formed indulgences without investing in any extra equipment.

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