Get our recipe for the perfect ghastly treat: Ghouly Ghost cupcakes 27-10-15

It’s that time of year again… the warlocks are out in force and it’s time to create a deliciously spooky treat or two for friends and family. We love these cute ghouly ghost cupcakes – a perfect way to delight the trick or treaters!

Ghouly Ghost Cupcake Infographic



Wrights Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix


Vegetable Oil


Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste

Renshaw Dahlia Black Flower & Modelling Paste

Macphie Chocolate Frosting

Decoration Equipment:

Sharp Knife


Rolling Pin


  1. First things first combine the entire bag of Chocolate fudge cake mix with some water, and vegetable oil. Whisk the mixture thoroughly – with an electric whisk if you have one, if not a hand whisk will work just as well!
  2. Evenly distribute your mixture into 24 buncases.
  3. Bake at 200 degrees (in a fan assisted oven) for 15 minutes. Finally leave your cakes to cool completely on a wire rack- this should take around 20-30 minutes.
  4. Begin by evenly coating your cupcakes with a thick layer of chocolate frosting. 
  5. Next, model dome shape out of the black modelling icing (this will be the base of the ghost so the shape is important!)  Stick this firmly onto the centre of the cupcake- the frosting will keep it secure.
  6. Next use a sharp knife to cut a ghost shape and spooky face from the white modelling icing. Make this element larger than the black icing- so that it will sit comfortably on top.


You will be able to buy most of your ingredients from our website so check it out now!