How to pipe awesome ruffle cupcakes 18-08-16

Baking offers a number of advantages, from improving happiness and self-worth to winding down after a long day.  It’s an accomplishment to make something from scratch and present it to friends and family. Cupcakes are a spectacular recipe, as you can decorate them with sweets, sprinkles and whatever else you fancy. Frosting is a wonderful technique that combines taste and style to create a truly memorable dessert. We show you how to pipe the quintessential ruffle with this nifty how to guide.



  1. Start by attaching the large petal nozzle to a piping bag and fill it up with a spoon. Take care not to overfill it so the frosting remains consistent. Twist the bag at the top to close it.
  1. Hold the bag in an upright position over the cupcake and squeeze it around the edges in an anti-clockwise direction. Move towards the centre, leaving a ruffled trail.  
  1. Build up a layer of frosting and reach the centre of the cupcake. Apply constant pressure so the right amount of frosting is squeezed out.
  1. Let go of the bag when you’re happy with how the cupcake looks.  

Your cupcakes are ready to be displayed and eaten! Why not show them off at a baking stand or surprise a friend for their birthday?  Now that you’ve made ruffles you can be even more adventurous with other techniques like rope frosting and scallops. Expert home baker, Rachel Heatley has created a video showing various frosting designs.

Piping is an excellent way to decorate your cupcakes, so for anyone who’s interested in DIY projects we have a helpful video about how to make your own bags from greaseproof paper.

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