How to pipe elegant scallop frosting 18-08-16

Planning on baking for a friend’s birthday party? A timeless classic is a batch of fresh cupcakes. With a party there’s the opportunity to be creative and let your imagination run wild. Frosting is an elegant way of presenting a cake and thinking outside the box. Whether you prefer roses or quirky swirls, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. Scalloped frosting is a sophisticated method of piping because of the attention to detail, and we show you how to create it with our guide.



  1. Attach the 6mm round nozzle to the piping bag and fill it carefully.  It’s important not to overfill the bag because excess frosting may be squeezed out of the wrong end. Unfold the cuff and twist the bag to close it, releasing any trapped air from the bottom.
  1. Squeeze a small portion of frosting onto the edge of the cupcake and use the handle of a spoon to flatten it into a ‘scallop’ shape. Repeat the technique and move towards the centre.
  1. Cover the centre of the cupcake and release the pressure on the bag.
  1.  Check to see if there are overhanging scallops on the edges. Use the spoon handle to neaten up and remove any if necessary.

It’s as easy as that! The scalloped frosting will look beautiful and your friend is sure to appreciate the gesture. Their birthday will be full of flavour thanks to your awesome baking skills. There’s lots of recipes you can try the frosting with, such as our delicious lemon meringue cupcakes. 

Piping bags are an essential tool in frosting and it could be useful in knowing how to make your own if you want to save money.

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