How to pipe leaves on a cupcake 12-08-16

After a long week of working, there’s nothing quite as therapeutic as baking. Cupcakes are a timeless recipe that can be decorated in a number of ways, whether you’d like to style them with roses or sun flowers. Why not add the finishing touches by piping leaves? They’ll compliment any flower design and we’ll show you how to create them with our practical guide. 



  1. First, attach the large leaf nozzle to a piping bag and fill it carefully with a spoon. Try not to overfill it to avoid unnecessary mess and be on the lookout for air bubbles. Remove the air bubbles by pressing down on the frosting and letting the pressure escape through the top. Twist the bag to close it.
  1. Choose any side of the cupcake, place the tip of the nozzle onto the cupcake’s edge and squeeze the bag to release the frosting. Pull the bag towards you in an upwards direction to pipe the leaf. A good tip is to hold onto the cupcake with your other hand so you’ll be able to keep it steady.
  1. Pipe as many leaves as you need, then release pressure on the bag.

With the frosting finished, the cupcakes have the perfect combination of taste, style and panache. They’re perfect for the summer months, bringing colour and vibrancy straight from the oven onto the plate! Serve the cupcakes to your friends in the garden or surprise your colleagues at work with a tray of delicious treats.

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There’s plenty of creative freedom with piping, so learning how to make your own bags is useful for future baking projects.

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